Blaustein Atomizing Modules (BLAM)

CH Technologies offers the new Blaustein Atomizing Modules (BLAM), a series of atomizers that offer very attractive functionality for the chemical research and aerobiology industries.  The BLAM relies on a new, patent pending, design which allows for a more efficient generation of aerosols than other existing devices in both its single pass and recirculating configurations.

Featuring the universality for which CH Technologies' products are noted, all BLAM units are modular and easily integrated with all CH systems.  Advancing its versatility, the BLAM takes modularity to a new level of product performance by performing the tasks of multiple nebulizers.  This innovative approach will allow researchers to produce a quasi-monodisperse aerosol at very high particle concentrations. 

With interchangeable plates, very small quantities of material can be delivered to the jets for more precise production of small amounts of aerosol. Alternative plates can also be used for delivering larger calibration particles. The BLAM incorporates an adjustable impaction distance and surface type (hard or soft) for a tunable size distribution. Since this nozzle can be direct fed with a syringe pump, it can also be mounted onto sanitary pipe flanges.

By interchanging one or two parts, the atomizer can accommodate liquids of varying properties to produce aerosols in specific ranges of size and output concentration. Using the already efficient nozzle, further capabilities are expanded with the introduction of the 48 Jet Module and the Multi-Fluid Nozzle. The business end of this device is its nozzle, which can easily be adapted to existing nebulizers.

With the new CHεST Controller, the BLAM can simulate conditions and particles produced during both respiratory exhalation and coughs/sneezes. To simulate both conditions the BLAM is placed either inside or outside of a jar to simulate aerosols generated during smooth exhalation or more forceful coughing and sneezing.

Like all CH products, the BLAM is fully backed by our team of engineers and technicians who are ready to provide service and support. Noteworthy for its consistency, modular versatility, easy system integration, and comprehensive technical support, the BLAM is destined to be a fixture in the optimized research facility.

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  • Single pass or multi-pass configuration with an available kit
  • Quasi mono-disperse aerosol output (depending on working fluid)
  • Impaction distance and surface type (hard or soft) are adjustable resulting in a tunable size distribution
  • Aerosolize solutions containing VOC's consistently
  • Highly efficient atomization
  • Can attach directly to existing Collision nebulizer
  • Suited for both chemicals and bio-aerosols
  • Versatile generator that can be used for many different applications
  • Click here for details regarding the advantages in viability of the BLAM over the Collison.

  • Aerobiology
  • Aerosol Research
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Biohazard Exposure Testing
  • Filter Media Evaluation
  • Micro-Encapsulation
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • 1 (1-4 LPM), 4 (4-16 LPM), and 8 (8-32 LPM) Jet Models in Standard Flow
  • 1 (0.1-1 LPM), 4 (0.4-4 LPM), and 8(0.8-8 LPM) Jet Models in Low Flow
  • Custom Flow Configurations
  • Single pass or multi-pass configuration with an available kit
  • Vertical(Standard) or Horizontal Spray (for larger particles)
† For more detailed information and custom models, please inquire at
  • Syringe Pump (for single pass mode)
  • Multi Pass Kit (Single Jet)
  • Multi Pass Kit (Multi Jet)
  • Jar Heater
  • Sanitary Pipe Flange Adapter
  • Isothermal Jar, Pump, and Heater
  • Polycarbonate, Glass, Polysulfone, Ultem, 316SS, Aluminum, or Custom Jars
  • Constant Liquid Level System
  • Hard Impaction Surface Adapter
  • Custom Barb Fitting Kit
† For more detailed information and custom models, please inquire at


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