Multi-Fluid BLAM

A new revision of the BLAM nozzle for further versatility and contol. The 4 fluid nozzle, availible for BLAM applications, adds two addtional liquid feed ports to the efficient atomizing nozzle. This makes for a total of 3 liquid feed ports and each can be individually controlled.

With up to 3 non-mixing liquids, different test articles, or different test article concentrations each having the capabiltiy to be metered to the atomizer in various flow rates allows for a wide range of appications such as micro-encapsulations or multimodal size distributions.

This nozzle is availible in the jar module providing the standard BLAM features and accessories, but is also availible in sanitary pipe connections. Standard or low carrier gas flow is availible for this nozzle for a wide range of concentrations. Different expansion plates are availible for generating less vacuum on the liquid feed ports for higher precision of the test article delivery feed rate similar to the standard single jet model.

Click here for details regarding the advantages in viability of the BLAM over the Collison.

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  • Inject up to 3 different test articles into the same nozzle
  • Impaction distance and surface type (hard or soft) are adjustble resulting in a tunable size distribution
  • Quasi mono-disperse aerosol output (depending on working fluid)
  • Highly efficient atomization
  • Suited for both chemicals and bio-aerosols
  • Versatile generator that can be used for many different applications
  • Multimodal size distribution
  • Micro-Encapsulation
  • Aerobiology
  • Aerosol Research
  • Occupational Hygiene
  • Biohazard Exposure Testing
  • Filter Media Evaluation
  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Standard, Low, or Custom Flow Configurations
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