PLG Series

CH Technologies offers the PLG Series, manufactured by Palas GmbH, which is best suited for filtration tests that require higher mass flows. It utilizes a nozzle specially designed to consistently provide particles in the required size range with the majority of these particles in the MPPS range.

The PLG units are most often used in conjunction with Palas filter media and complete filter test systems. They provide a standard challenge aerosol (DOP or DEHS) to the test area. The PLG Series is used with great success in HEPA and ULPA media testing worldwide.

  • Excellent short-term and long-term dosing constancy
  • Can be heated to 120 °C (specific models)
  • Best repeatability with respect to particle size distribution and particle concentration
  • Long dosing time over several days with automatic refilling (specific models)
  • Resistant to chemically aggressive fluids (specific models)
  • Compact and light
  • User-friendly operation, proven in industrial applications
  • Filter industry/oil separators
  • Determination of separation efficiency
  • Determination of fractional separation efficiency
  • Load test
  • Test of cooling lubricant separators
  • Comparison of particle measurement devices
  • Tracer particles
  • Flow visualization
  • PLG 2000
  • PLG 2000 H
  • PLG 2000 HS
  • PLG 2100
  • PLG 2100 S
  • PLG 2300
  • PLG 2300 S


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