Pegasor AQ Indoor

Measure what matters! Pegasor, a Coorstek Sensors brand, utilizes the diffusion charging operation principle to detect small particles that OPCs (Optical Particle Counters) cannot detect nor measure. The PAQ Indoor has high resolution with sampling time that can be performed up to every second with a 0.1% accuracy of the measured concentration. This air quality monitor has a built in suction pump and Li-ion battery that can last up to 100 hours of operation (depending on the sampling rate.)

The PAQ Indoor was designed with an automatic zero setting function so that its readings are constantly being checked allowing the device to always provide accurate measurements. The device can be operated, unattended, for up to a year with no service. Alarm levels can be set by the user to indicate when air quality is at unacceptable levels.

There is 8 GB of flash memory on the device to store over 1,000,000 data points if a data connection is unavailable. The PAQ Indoor can also be connected to a GPS for a location indicator making source associations easier to interpret. An analog output of 0-10 V and 4-20 mA are also available for use with a data logger such as the Envirologger (offered and integrated by CH Technologies.)

  • Sensitive to ultrafine particles that OPCs typically fail to quantify
  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration
  • Built in procedure that self-diagnoses data quality
  • Real time data can be viewed through a 4.3” color touch screen display
  • Various methods of data transfer including direct storage via a USB port, pre-installed cloud service, Bluetooth, WLAN, Ethernet, or 3G/4G
  • Easy maintenance and long service intervals
  • Ventilation System Monitoring
  • Filtration Efficiency Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Classification


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