CH Technologies' Universal Fluid Concentration Particle Counter (UF-CPC), manufactured by Palas GmbH provides a method to count the concentration of nanoparticles. In principle, a CPC works by enlarging nanoparticles by condensing liquid on them until they are large enough to measure using more traditional methods of aerosol analysis. The novel and patented way in which the working fluid in the UF-CPC is provided, leads to greater flexibility in the choice of working fluid. The user is no longer limited to butanol, but can now change the fluid to a more environmental-friendly, healthy, or better suited liquid (like water). 

The UF-CPC also measures the size of the condensed droplets. This gives the user extra information about how well the condensation process is occurring. 

The unit design is modular with optical sensors available providing a range that allows for a single counting for droplets up to 2 million particles per milliliter. 

  • The unique, patented way of providing the working fluid for condensation allows the user to change the working fluid from e.g. butanol to isopropanol or even water in a short time
  • Depending on the sensor used (exchangeable by the user) the UF-CPC counts up to 2,000,000 P/cm3 in count mode
  • Integrated computer with 7'' touch panel display 
  • Intuitive user interface with sophisticated software for data evaluation 
  • Integrated data logger 
  • Limitless integrated network connectivity that supports remote operation and data storage on the web 
  • Integrated interface for process control applications
  • Aerosol research
  • Test of filters and air cleaners
  • Environmental measurements
  • Work place safety and exposure studies
  • Inhalation and health effect studies
  • Process monitoring
  • Printer emission studies
  • UF-CPC 50 - low concentrations
  • UF-CPC 100 - medium concentrations
  • UF-CPC 200 - high concentrations 


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