Pegasor AQ Urban

Research suggests that inhaled ultra-fine particles are a source of adverse health effects. Methods of detecting and measuring these particles have substantially improved in recent years. As part of CoorsTek Sensors, Pegasor brings the PAQ Urban to this field with its diffusion charging measuring principle to assess air quality. The PAQ Urban measures ultrafine particles, ones that OPCs (Optical Particle Counters) are unable to detect.

Unlike a CPC (Condensation Particle Counter), the PAQ Urban requires no working fluid to measure ultrafine particles. Thus the device can be operated, unattended, for up to a year with no service. It can be easily mounted in a variety of locations and after it performs its own calibration to the specific location, real time data can be easily stored and viewed via a cloud service or other data loggers, such as the Envirologger.

The PAQ Urban also performs its own diagnostic procedure to validate and eliminate any suspicious data. PAQ Urban reduces any anomalies by first sectioning off particles larger than 2.5 µm in diameter and by also heating the sample air to 40° C. This prevents the measurement of aqueous condensation.

  • Very sensitive to ultrafine particles that OPCs typically omit
  • Particle concentration by mass, surface area, or number
  • Detects particles as small as 10 nm
  • Built in procedure that self-diagnoses any suspicious data
  • Easy installation with very little downtime for maintenance
  • Service intervals are as little as once per year
  • Various methods of data transfer including direct storage to the cloud or via a data logger
  • No consumables or working fluid necessary
  • View City Wide Pollution
  • Find Centralized Emission Sources
  • Monitoring of various environments such as...
    • Highways
    • Roads
    • Industrial Sources
    • Residential Areas
    • Parks
    • Heavily Commuted Locations
    • Areas of High Sensitivity (Hospitals, Schools, etc…)


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