Naneos Partector

The Swiss made Naneos Partector is the world's smallest nanoparticle detector and is now being offered in the Americas through CH Technologies (USA) Inc. It is based on a novel non-contact electrical detection principle which needs nearly no maintenance.

The detector is miniature and lightweight making for a truly portable personal monitor. Measurements taken with the Partector are hassle free and result in an ergonomic experience. Utilizing a Google Earth Java tool, the Partector can show where concentrations were measured. In addition to the Partector's ease of use is its ability to provide sampling and measurements over a wide range of particle sizes.

The Naneos Partector measures LDSA (Lung Deposited Surface Area), which has been identified by Toxicologists as the most important physical particle metric when it comes to health effects.
Understanding LDSA            Model Comparison Guide

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