Innovative Solutions for Precision Inhalation and Particle Exposure Systems

CH equips clients with a responsive source for cutting-edge inhalation and particle exposure systems tailored to each client's specific needs.

We specialize in Nose-Only/ Whole Body inhalation exposure testing equipment for toxicology, bio-defense, pharmacology and infectious disease research.

Our patented systems offer broad adaptability as they are fully expandable and, thanks to the CH Technologies' staff of experienced and innovative engineers, highly customizable to suit your precise requirements.

At CH, we pride ourselves on our ability to rise to any challenge in creating a superior solution that satisfies the demands you face.

CH remains open and ready to support research needs! Letter from CH Technologies president Dr. Rudolph Jaeger.

What's New At CH Technologies?   

New Product! BFE Test Rig allows for testing of Medical Face Mask materials and filters according to ASTM 2101 or IS 16289 with Staphylococcus Aureus.


Medical Face Mask Filtration Testing: A proposal for a simplified and expedient method for the Evaluation of Functional Filtration Efficiency (FFE)


New Product! 48 Jet BLAM for high output capabilities.


New Product! Multi-FLuid BLAM Nozzle for even more versatility in the BLAM product range.


New Product! Partector 2 featuring measurement of Particle Number and Average Diameter with LDSA.


New Product! Optional higher temperature tolerant collison.


New Product! Juul and IQOS adapters for Cigarette and E-cigarette ports.


New Product! In-Vitro exposure system for low cost applications. Allows the user to expose the same well plates the cells were incubated in.


New models of BLAM available like low flow versions for high concentrations and the 4 fluid nozzle for aerosolizing non mixing liquids.


New Product! MDI Actuator for aerosol generation with off the shelf inhalers.


New Product! Skin Exposure System for Humans and Animals.


NYU has published a write up about the E-CAG.


CH Technologies (USA) has purchased the rights and remaining stock of the Collison nebulizer line from Mesa Laboratories.


New research poster using the Vilnius Aerosol Generator by Zhili Li et al. at Insmed.


Simple and cost effective E-cigarette puffing machine, ideally suited for small scale analytical or inhalation exposure applications.


New research in progress linking e-cigarette smoke to bladder cancer using the ECAG.


Improved design for our Nose Only Exposure Systems that now utilize a seated O-ring in the connector cone for a better seal.


CH Technologies is moving to a new location! Our offices will be closed from Friday June 16th to Monday June 19th. We will be closed for production, shipping, and receiving from Monday June 12th through Friday June 23rd.


Air Monitors' Minilogger is now available for data management of single sensor or monitor applications.


Pegasor indoor and urban air quality monitoring devices are now available in the Americas exclusively through CH Technologies.


CH Technologies has installed an environmental monitoring station at the Fort Lee Public Library.


The data obtained from monitoring with Palas' Fidas 200 and Naneos' Partector at Rutger's PAM site has been assessed.


Our Single Cigarette Smoking Machine has been redesigned to provide the user more flexibility and higher precision.


Some of the compressors and vacuum pumps that CH Technologies offers are now online.

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